I am a seeker and I am on a journey to explore. Hi! I am Chetan Kumar Arora and I create visual stories.

A Commercial & Lifestyle Photographer, Filmmaker & Creative Director.  With 18+ years of experience, I have conceptualised and executed for almost every sector, from Fashion, Retail to Entertainment, Corporate, Industrial to Tourism and Hospitality sectors. Creating visual stories for Editorial, Advertising, Branding, Marketing Collaterals, Packaging, Social Media, Events and Exhibitions.

It all started in the summer of 1994 when I was in class Ninth. It was then I began exploring the art of photography. As a young kid, I was always inclined to the theatre. I loved to tell stories. And photography enhanced my storytelling skills.

In college, as a student of advertising, I honed my storytelling skills not just to conceptualize creatively but also to strategize for various brand campaigns. My skills became better when I post graduated in Multimedia & Mass Communications later.

While working with Ad Agencies, Production Houses, and Corporates, have got the various platforms to explore multiple opportunities to become versatile in the craft.  

As a travel enthusiast, I love exploring different cultures, nature, and roots.

I travel like a true seeker, exploring the undefined places on the travel itinerary and perhaps some not revisited yet. Whether it’s watching from the mighty mountain peak or witnessing the calmness of some isolated Lake…

In my travels I have bonded with people from different customs and cultures. Be it the tribals or the some less known communities. 

Each travel experience has made me innovative and creative. It has shaped my thoughts and helped me become a better version of myself.

There are many stories to share from the travels I took and I am super excited to share them with you!

So, let’s get chai as I unravel my travel titbits. 


let’s have a glance on my journey.

Behind every amazing shot there is awesome story. Have a look at some of the behind scene actions.